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Medium Voltage Cable Accessories

Connecting power supplies all over the world (7.2 – 42 kV)

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Safe Solutions, Reliable Functions

Our MV cable accessories up to 42 kV are characterized by safe solutions with reliable functions for long term operation. Our engineering experience and continuous product development enable us to offer products that meet future requirements for reliable systems.
Our current range includes cable joints, cable terminations, screened separable cable connectors and shrouded terminations. The fact that the products are pre-moulded means they are manufactured in one piece, including key functions such as electrical field- control, insulation and sealing.

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Up to Spec, Up to Standard

The manufacture of products from soft rubber improves the series' design, so that fewer joint sizes cover several cable dimensions. All this combined with the screw technology that we use in our cable connectors and cable lugs results in a reliable system.
More than 3 million pre-moulded cable joints, cable terminations and cable connectors have already been installed by customers in electricity distribution networks all over the world. Our cable terminations and screened separable cable connectors are also purchased by customers who manufacture switch gear and other installations.
We work continuously to improve our processes. Important foundations for this work are our quality and environmental management systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
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Medium Voltage Joints

NKT has a long and proud history of premium medium voltage joint accessories. Our cold shrink joints technology can offer almost any tailor-made solution and provides noticeable cost benefits.

Medium Voltage Cable Connectors

Cable connectors for bushings type A and B, known as “250 A” or “400 A”. These are used to connect the cables with transformers or SF6 switchgear.

Medium Voltage Terminations

Terminations for medium voltage cables are essential for connecting the cables to air-insulated switchgear, transformers, overhead lines or busbars.

Medium Voltage Cable Branch Cabinet

We offer clever and organised solutions through our sturdy and purpose-oriented cable branch cabinets. Our enclosures naturally meet the requirements of mechanical impact tests per IEC 60439-5.

Medium Voltage PILC

NKT MV cable accessories for enabling connection and joining of old type paper-insulated lead sheath cables (PILC). Most common application is the transition joint between paper cable and XPLE cable.

Medium Voltage Pre-Assembled Cable Links

NKT pre-assembled connection cables simplify assembly and commissioning of medium voltage compact stations, switchgear, transformers, generators and motors.

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